Learn Drawing


Arvind Saxena

Arvind Saxena, Ex Machinical Engineer. But now I am a professional miniature artist.

I has exhibited and sold my paintings worldwide. I have a portfolio of about 100 paintings, which have been highly acclaimed. I associated with Shilpi Art Gallery at Jaipur where I conduct miniature painting classes.

He have a small groups allow us to take each student from a beginner level to an intermediate-advanced level giving them the opportunity to learn at their own speed. As the student progresses, different medias are introduced: pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, collage and mixed media.

The class curriculum is designed to ensure skill development, yet with enough freedom to foster individually creativity.

Classes are planned by the season and divided into 4 week sessions. You can join any time as long as there is room in the class.

        A little more about the classes:

Adults Classes,

How many adults do you know that say they do not have an “artistic gene” or who say “I don’t know how to draw a straight line?” Most of us stop drawing around 10 years old, when we are very critical about ourselves and very self conscious about what we do. As Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

The good news is that learning how to draw is like learning to ride a bicycle.

In my adult classes I start with a drawing instruction. I like the method of Dr. Betty Edwards "Drawing on the right side of the brain" and I use it with my students. We use pencil and charcoal and once the basic skills are mastered, I encourage my students to select the next medium they would like to explore. I provide instruction in watercolor, pastels, mix media (collage) and acrylics.

Teens +12 years

At this age, teens are very interested in learning how to draw realistically.

In this class I teach to them:

a) “How to see” to draw realistically. I use the methods of Dr. Betty Edwards, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” in combination with exercises I have designed to teach the teens to draw realistically. If they can draw real objects, they can easily draw from pictures or photos.

b) Once the teen learns basic drawing skills, we explore using charcoal and soft pastels to draw as they are learning about value and shading. We work on several still life compositions, as well as copy some masterpieces. While copying from masterpieces, I talk to the teens about the artist, their time and the movement the artist represents.

c) Once drawing skills are mastered, I introduce them to new mediums like watercolor, mixed-media and acrylics.

Children classes. 9-12 years old

At approximately age 10, children become very critical of their art work. This is the age that most people stop drawing because they are convinced they cannot do it.

In this class I teach children:

a) 3 dimensional drawing: Through the review of 12 elements, the children learn concepts such as like, size, foreshortening, contour lines, basic perspective and others that help make their drawings look 3-D. I teach this by fostering their imagination to create something they do not physically see.

b) Realistic drawing: Using the proven methods of Dr. Betty Edwards, “How to Draw with the Right Side of the Brain,” I teach the children “how to see” so they can do a realistic drawing. This part of the classes is introduced in intervals along with the 3-D drawings.

c) Exploring Medium Types: As the children are learning basic drawing, I introduce charcoal and soft pastel to them. Once they have mastered their basic drawing skill, I teach them how to paint with watercolor, acrylic and work with mix-media.

Learning how to draw is a great asset for children of this age. Drawing allows them a way to express themselves, a tool to use when they are bored, a way to express their ideas to others and a source of joy, confidence and self-esteem.

Children classes. 6-8 years old

The purpose of this class is for children to learn how to use forms and objects that they already know, like letters, numbers and shapes, to make drawing compositions in a fun and dynamic way.

Drawing enriches children in several ways:

~ it trains them to express what they see and feel
~ It teaches them to observe and notice details
~ It gives them experience in managing tasks
~ it develops their individual creativity in a personal and free way

We will teach the children the basic drawing techniques and concepts. They will be encouraged to create their own visualization on an object. They will learn the use of pencils and color pastels, the understanding of 2 and 3 dimensions, different sizes on objects to create distance and application of shadows. The class builds confidence, individual creativity, in a guided but fun artistic environment.

Furthermore, this drawing program prepares them for other academic activities by providing a direct link with reading, writing and especially mathematics. It is a skill that they can learn at a young age and it can last a lifetime, since drawing is the single most accessible form of art.

At the end of the class, all the students and parents if they wish will review the work and talk about the experience, progress and process of each kid.

Classes 3-5 year olds 
It is our mission to encourage ENHANCE and explore natural creativity through an art-rich curriculum that will include drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and sculpture.  By using these media in fun-filled lessons we will ignite children's imaginations and creative explorations. Our aim is to nurture a love of art that will touch the hearts and souls of our students.  Above all, We value the artistic process over the end product!