Learn Dance

Out of all the splendid forms of art, the one that expresses beautifully through the use of human body, it is dance. 

Dance soothes eyes, it not only adds aesthetic beauty of human form in front of you, but a combination of music and body movement together in harmony indeed creates magic – a magic that leaves one in awe. Dance has always been an integral part of humans and its evolution. Dance has been one of the arts that kept flourishing with the passage of time. 

Today, dance has so many forms and so many expressions but it is interesting to know how they have all evolved from just one source – the movement in human body. Dance has thus been a mode of entertainment, a means of communication, and culturally a unifying factor across different countries. 

In olden days, dance was a medium that was used to express how humans underwent changes – from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and finally old age. Different types of dance suggested the feelings that each individual goes through as he or she passes each stage of life. 

Dances also portrayed human reaction to weather changes, to war, to death, to new birth etc. With evolution of human kind, dance also evolved simultaneously. Dance was categorized and while most of the dance performances where held on social events like prayers, marriage, childbirth etc, there where special dances held to call God for rain, to heal the sick patients, to end famine etc.

Later, dance became an important element in ancient temple rituals. Sacred occasions in Greece were marked with dance movements of temple virgins. Even in India, dance was a ritual that took place before prayers performed to God. Temple priestesses used to perform dance movements by using hand movements in the temples. Today, dance is such a commercial activity. 

Apart from the rich Indian traditional culture in dance, there has also been a great amount of western influence. 

Children of today are being exposed to dance forms like Salsa, Jazz, Hip-hop etc apart from Indian forms of dancing like Bharat Natayam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Raas- Garba etc.